Company History

MUTHA BROTHERS is a leading pen manufacturer in India. The products come from 5 registered brands – Speed Pens, Ritz Pens, Klik Pens, Aristo Pens and Plano Pens. Apart from Use and Throw Pens, we also manufacture ballpens, sketch pens, gel pens, refills and other writing instruments. The group is a leading Pen Exporter from India having customers across the globe and the world do Import Pens from India. In context of its Exports, the group is famous by various key terms i.e. Stick Pens Manufacturers, Low Price Pen Manufacturer, Direct Fill Ballpen Manufacturer, Ballpens Manufacturer India, Ballpoint Pen Manufacturer, Pen Manufacturers from Kolkata.

To meet the needs of the highly demanding and discerning buyers in the domestic market, the organization has been introducing several new products in the market, Which has allowed the Indian buyer easy access to international standards in writing instruments and several other high-performance pens that combine affordability and top-end performance. Presently we are manufacturing our ball pens under registered brands namely Ritz, Speed, Plano, Aristo & Klik.

We have been targeting at the Indian school-going population which has created a niche for itself among the younger age groups as well. Our products are targeted primarily at the mass market, schools and offices. Economically priced to allow better value for the retailers, the products are unique in their price-to-performance ratio. Reliability in supplies, competitvenss and high quality of both products and packaging are the watchwords of the organization.

With a dedicated team of young professionals, is working continuously towards the goal of fulfilling customer expectations. Today represents a promise of quality and performance. With increasing popularity in the market and a clearly defined plan for the future, has firmly established itself as a leading pen manufacturer of the country.

Our Aim

Our aim is to be a dominant manufacturer of high quality writing instruments. We aim to be a world-class manufacturer and keep the needs of the customer always in mind. We strive to provide world-class quality at the most affordable prices and design the most exemplary designs

Trying to reach the ultimate goal of perfection in Writing Instruments, we are fully committed to continue efforts for the creation and improvement. We strive to create an environment of mutual benefit of customers, employees, contractors, subcontractors, of which a balance is reached and the company’s goal is met. We also strive to provide the values of industry knowledge, quality and leadership.

Our goal is to build a symbiotic relationship with our customers. To create a positive team spirit to achieve our common objectives, the right products, price, quality and design.

Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing facility works under the principles of Just-in-time production otherwise known as Lean Manufacturing. Due to our quality maintenance, we have been recognised as Best Pen manufacturer in India, Gel pen exporter from India and Best pen exporters from India. We have been catering to the needs of customers looking for Pens for Advertisement, booking Corporate Orders of Pens and we are glad that our quality has been appreciated by all.

Mutha Brothers is committed to produce quality instruments of writing instruments for total customer satisfaction. Company policy is to develop and deliver innovative products that meet the needs of customers from time to time. The company is aware that should be achieved through continuous up-gradation of technology, teamwork, employee motivation and participatory management.

Mutha Brothers has well-qualified Engineers in its Research & Development department who constantly research and develop new products. Also the company has own Designers for Speed Ball Pens, Ritz Ball Pens, Plano Ball Pens and Aristo Ball Pens. Our employees are quality conscious and are always included in participation on improving quality regardless of their specialization and function in the company. Every employee contributes to the improvement of our products both in the design stage and through production, sales and finally to delivery. We are quality conscious, both at the reactive. proactive to ensure that the customer always gets the best from us.

Products Range

We offer a wide range of writing instruments available in various sizes, designs and colours. In context of exports, we are popularly searched by terms like Spiral Pen Manufacturer, Obama Pen Manufacturer, Leading Exporters of Pens, Exporters of Writing Instruments, Exporters of Pens, etc.


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